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Hi! I am Satya and I am a PhD student at Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) working on trustworthy aspects of generative models with Prof. Hima Lakkaraju and Prof. Finale Doshi-Velez. I also collaborate with Prof. Sameer Singh from UC, Irvine and Prof. Steven Wu from Carnegie Mellon.
Before starting my PhD, I led several research initiatives at Amazon for multiple products, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alexa and Amazon Search (A9). I completed my masters from the School of Computer Science (SCS) @ Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh Campus, with my research focus on building conversational agents using reinforcement learning. Please find my CV here.

[Aug, 2022]
Teaching Fellow for COMPSCI 236R: Topics at the Interface between Computer Science and Economics
Fall 2022
[May, 2022]
This article highlights some of my research works contributing to Amazon's Trustworthy ML Initiatives
[April, 2022]
The Disagreement Problem was presented at TRAIT Workshop at CHI-2022
[April, 2022]
Two papers on algorithmic fairness accepted at ACL-2022
[Feb, 2022]
The Disagreement Problem was highlighted by Fortune Magazine in multiple articles
[Feb, 2022]
Received support from Nicole A. Chen and Karina A. Chen Graduate Student Research Fellowship
[Feb, 2022]
The Disagreement Problem was covered by Analytics India Magazine
[Feb, 2022]
Published our work on the disagreement problem in explainable machine learning
[Aug, 2021]
Joined Harvard SEAS as CS PhD Student
[Jun, 2021]
Our work on "Does Robustness Improve Fairness?" accepted at ACL-2021 Findings
[Feb, 2021] coverage of our BOLD paper.
[Jan, 2021]
Our differentially private text transformation method published at EACL-2021
[Dec, 2020]
We presented a new fairness benchmark for open language generation in FAccT '21

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  • Co-President - Harvard SEAS Graduate Council 2022


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