Satyapriya Krishna

Satyapriya Krishna

Trustworthy ML @ Alexa AI

Hi! I am a Scientist at Amazon Alexa, Boston solving problems related to fairness, privacy, interpretability and robustness. Prior to joining Alexa, I worked at Amazon Search (A9.com) where I worked with query understanding and knowledge graph teams.
Before joining the industry, I was a grad. student in Language Technology Institute @ Carnegie Mellon University. As part of my master research, I worked on dialog systems with Prof. Anatole Gershman (LTI, SCS).

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Satyapriya Krishna

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  • Student Research Intern - VP Lab,IIT Madras
    May 2015-July 2015

    I worked at Visualization and Perception Lab(VP Lab) of IIT Madras on Face Recognition under the supervision of Prof. Sukhendu Das. My project contributions were the following:-

    • Developed a Online Face Recognition Software using basic algorithms such as Eigenfaces and Fisherfaces
    • Software was developed over .NET framework
    • Maximum Reliability and modularity

  • Summer Research Intern- NIT,Rourkela
    May - July 2014

    I worked as an intern at the Computer Vision Lab of NIT Rourkela for the duration May,2014-July,2014. My target in this project were broadly the following:-

    • Developed a highly accurate shadow removal system, a method to remove shadows from images and videos
    • Explored many classification algorithms and recorded their accuracy over 5 different UCI datasets

  • PHP Developer - NIC,Govt. of India
    Nov - Dec 2013 & Nov-Dec 2014

    I worked at NIC as a PHP programmer to develop a Project Information Tracking System. My major responsibilites were:-

    • Developed a back-end model to track project information
    • Maximum Modularity, minimum Ambiguity and improved Maintainability

  • Explorer
    1994-Till Death

    • Regular programmer over several online programming websites such as Codechef.com and SPOJ
    • In my non-academic sessions of the year, I visit different schools to give tutorials on basic Computer Science topics
    • Currently involved in Data Visualization using R
    • A regular Open Source Contributor



Satyapriya Krishna
Boston, MA
United States

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Satyapriya Krishna

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